Ideal partners for successful composable commerce

When it comes to the optimal combination of functionality, performance and integration into innovative technical architectures for e-commerce, strong partners are needed. Together with the CMS provider Storyblok, eCube covers its customers’ needs for sophisticated content management in composable commerce. The flexibility of Storyblok’s Headless CMS provides a powerful solution for developing and managing digital ecosystems.

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Felix Härtig Domain Architect Commerce / Senior Fullstack Developer

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When it comes to content management that works highly efficiently and offers enough flexibility for individual requirements and extensions, we prefer Storyblok. The headless API, which allows our developers to quickly assemble components and functions and effortlessly customise individual elements, never fails to inspire us.

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What we value about Storyblok

Just like us, Storyblok relies on technological concepts that allow the online business to be adapted to new requirements at any time and innovative technologies to be integrated quickly and flexibly. In a departure from monolithic systems, Storyblok understands how to integrate its content management system based on MACH principles in the simplest way possible: Microservice-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless. This is exactly in line with our solution approach of getting our customers into action as quickly as possible.

What qualifies us as a Storyblok partner

Development at eye level – this characterises our long-standing cooperation with Storyblok. The leading headless CMS provider has selected us as a solution partner and systems integrator based on our extensive expertise in e-commerce. We are united by the common goal of offering our customers added value and individual solutions for their online business. Furthermore, just like eCube, Storyblok is a proponent of innovative software architectures that enable the development of digital ecosystems that meet needs and requirements, rather than tying its customers to monolithic, vendor-dependent systems.

Jointly realised projects

Together with Storyblok, we expanded the in-house kiosk system for the car manufacturer Tesla for the presentation of vehicle information and the acquisition of customer data. We developed and installed a new software architecture based on the structural principle of headless commerce, which decouples backend and frontend. The modular software architecture offers the highest possible flexibility for customising and expanding the system. Storyblok’s headless CMS enables the simple and efficient maintenance of product data in the kiosk system.

Precomposer partnership

To give our customers an uncomplicated and highly flexible access to Composable Commerce, we recently developed the eCube Precomposer. The Precomposer is a ready-to-use setup package for the fast and efficient set-up of online shops, which can be installed with just a few clicks and already contains the most important functions plus infrastructure. The Headless CMS Storyblok is already part of the Precomposer architecture for the flexible and targeted integration of content. It enables content to be integrated quickly and easily into a wide range of applications via interfaces.

Thomas Peham VP of Marketing at Storyblok

Thomas Peham VP

Top quality, real customer added value & cooperation at eye level – these are the criteria by which we select our partnerships. And this is exactly why we value eCube as a professional technology partner and solution provider.

Thomas Peham VP

Project planned?

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