Migration: Implementing the system change technically

Microservices, API-First, Cloud-native and Headless – This is how you benefit from MACH technologies as a product owner or part of a development team.

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Migrate frontend, CMS, ERP and Co. correctly

The goal of being able to compose e-commerce technologies in the sense of composable commerce and according to the principle of best-of-breed, or best-fit, and to be able to reorganise them flexibly at any time is best achieved by companies with a MACH strategy. MACH is an acronym for modern technology concepts that together form the basis for 100 per cent adaptive commerce: Microservices, API-First, Cloud-native and Headless. The central challenge of technically implementing the system change in e-commerce is to choose the right strategy for a transition from the old system to the new cloud-based architecture that is as fast and risk-free as possible. Here, a complete new development (“greenfield”) and step-by-step transformation can be considered.

Replatforming according to the principle of the “Strangler Pattern”, in which existing services and functions are gradually transferred to a new environment, has proven itself in many projects as a low-risk alternative to building a new system. eCube supports planning and implementation.

Step by step to the Composable Commerce platform

No commerce system offers everything. Be it in terms of functionalities, be it in terms of the workflow in the backend or the possibilities offered for the respective customer journey. Whereas in the past monolithic systems were used whose requirements were simply adapted, the composable commerce approach shows a new strategy: the combination of the best solutions into a highly adaptable technology stack.

In the third part of our whitepaper series, we outline the process of technical implementation and migration to a Composable Commerce Architecture, give insights into possible project processes and tips for implementation.

If you are interested in a tangible step-by-step guide to replacing a rigid system with a modern front-end and composable commerce architecture, read this whitepaper.

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System change in e‑commerce

Felix Härtig and Tino Müller outline the process of technical implementation and migration to a Composable Commerce architecture. As consultants and software architects at the enterprise commerce specialist eCube, the two give an exciting insight into their daily business and also venture a deep dive into technical details.

In addition to valuable impressions of the project process and tips for implementation, there will be an opportunity to ask questions about the procedure, advantages and disadvantages of Composable Commerce platforms or monolithic systems.

Webinar Relaunch im E-Commerce

Contributions to the system change

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Systeme intelligent tunen, statt neu bauen: Beispiele für Software-Retrofitting im E‑Commerce

In unserem Blogbeitrag beleuchten wir die Vorteile des Software-Retrofittings im E-Commerce. Erfahren Sie, wie Unternehmen ihre bestehenden Technologien effizient verbessern können, um Investitionen zu schützen und gleichzeitig die Leistungsfähigkeit zu steigern. Mit Beispielen und praxisnahen Tipps zeigen wir, warum Software-Retrofit eine lohnende Alternative zum kompletten Systemneubau ist.

Composable Commerce 4 Mythen beim Wechsel zum Composable Commerce

Webinar: Compose it till you own it: Unsere Anleitung zu Ihrem E‑Commerce‑Baukasten

Der Precomposer spart bis zu 3 Monate manuelle Entwicklungszeit und Kosten im sechsstelligen Bereich. Wie das funktioniert und welche Herausforderungen damit gelöst werden können, zeigen die Macher des “Precomposer” von eCube in diesem 45-minütigen Online-Vortrag mit einem kurzen Blick unter die Haube für alle Entwickler und Architekten.

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Retrofit im E-Commerce: Wie Unternehmen ihre Technologien mit geringem Risiko und Aufwand nachrüsten

Wenn das Altsystem nicht mehr den Anforderungen genügt: Ein Software-Retrofit kann in vielen Fällen eine schnelle und risikoarme Lösung sein.

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