Technology: Finding the right shop system

Modular platform architecture instead of a monolithic complete solution – as a decision-maker, this is how you set the technological course for future-proof e-commerce.

Modular platform architectures enable composable commerce that can be equipped with exactly the functions and technologies a company needs to achieve its business goals.

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All-in-one or modular shop system?

Complete solutions that combine all e-commerce functions in one monolith may promise a quick and easy “solution to all problems” at first glance. In the long run, however, such systems often prove too rigid to be able to react quickly and economically to disruptive changes in the market. What is needed here are technological concepts that allow companies to flexibly adapt their e-commerce to new requirements at any time. This also applies in B2B, where digital sales must be tailored to very individual requirements. Complete systems reach their limits here because they are not created for change and specific business processes.

Modular platform architectures enable composable commerce, which can be equipped with exactly the functions and technologies a company needs to achieve its business goals according to individual requirements based on the LEGO principle.


Successfully managing platform changes in e-commerce

In the first part of our whitepaper series, we explain in detail how to start your project and what you should consider from the beginning.

Best-of-breed vs. best-fit

In this white paper, you will get an overview of technology concepts that enable you to lay a flexible foundation for your digital commerce: Best-of-breed, headless commerce, service-oriented architectures, API First and others. You will learn what is important when evaluating suitable solutions for your business purposes – from understanding the problem to be solved, to evaluating possible solutions, to making an informed decision based on relevant business criteria.

Feature prioritisation vs. business value

For healthy expectation and knowledge management in IT projects, it is important that priorities in projects are transparent and understandable. It must be clear to all what is being worked on and what is not, and also why. That’s what this blog post is about.

Relaunch in e-commerce

This webinar is for you if you want to know what the actual implementation of an e-commerce relaunch with a Composable Commerce Platform looks like as an example and what process steps it involves. We are aware that every project and every starting point is individual.

Comparison of composable and headless commerce platforms

We save you the trouble of testing different commerce platforms and give you a basis for deciding on the right shop system. By developers for developers.

Cover Studie "Composable und Headless Commerce 2022 - Vendors & platforms compared - by developers for developers"

Find the perfect e-commerce solution with our advice

Benefit from our expertise in the selection and implementation of a platform for your online shop

Are you looking for an e-commerce solution that perfectly fits your needs and requirements? Our experienced consulting team will help you choose the right platform for your online shop. We offer, among other things, the review of your existing infrastructure, the comparison of different solutions and implementation advice. Let’s ensure your e-commerce success together! Contact us now to find out more.