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Successful e‑commerce with Chioro®

Chioro® extends classic Product Information Management (PIM) with mechanisms for continuous and automated optimization of data quality. eCube has developed a tool that enables retailers to continuously monitor and optimize the quality of their product data.

Product data as a success factor

Product data is an important asset and crucial to the success of an online store. Its quality has a lasting influence on customers’ buying decisions. A product that can be found and compared quickly, and that is presented in a detailed and descriptive manner, impresses with a higher conversion rate and encourages purchases.

Product data as a challenge

Managing large volumes of data and complex structures is a challenge in itself. Delivering the required quality in tight timeframes and with efficient use of resources is a mammoth task in a classic, manual approach to product data processing.

Highest product data quality with Chioro®

The basic principle of Chioro® is the preservation of expertise in processing rules. These rules are applied to the product data throughout the processing chain, ultimately resulting in high-quality and homogeneous product datasets – ready for targeted marketing of the product offering.

Advantages of Chioro®

– high, homogeneous product data quality
– shorter time-to-market
– mastery of extensive product ranges
– resource-efficient data

Automation enables a continuous improvement process and effort-neutral processing of recurring data delivery.

Principles of product data consolidation


By applying simple rules, any changes to product data can be automated. This means that even large volumes of data can be modified at a high quality level in a short time. This means that even large volumes of data can be modified at a high quality level in a short time. Time and effort are not invested in implementation, but primarily in optimization potential.


Rule sets serve as the basis for automation. This means that specialized knowledge is explicitly formulated and thus preserved. The rules can be combined in any way and their execution can be run repeatedly. This makes it possible to make timely adjustments to meet new requirements.

Continuous improvement

The iterative approach is one of the basic principles of Chioro®. The quality of the results generated by the rules is constantly checked and individual processing steps are optimized. This process permanently improves the desired data quality.


Thanks to granular processing steps and freely definable rule sets, Chioro® can be flexibly adapted to product data processing requirements. This enables both simple consolidation of large data volumes and complex refinement processes.

Learn more about Chioro® (pdc) in our whitepaper

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