Chioro® – Data Quality Automation

Chioro® is a proven software solution for highly efficient, automated processing and optimization of product data.

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Chioro® at a glance

✅ automated transformation, enrichment and homogenization of product data
✅ import of product data from different sources without pre-analysis
✅ export prepared product data to any desired output format
✅ Connect Chioro® to your own PIM or DAM system

process in Chioro® 2024
Example: Linking several process steps for data consolidation into one “flow” in Chioro®

Advantages of Chioro®

Efficiency: Reduce manual effort through automated data processing

Time-to-market: process and publish product data more quickly

Large assortments: Process large, heterogeneous data volumes more efficiently

Higher quality: Improve product data through rule-based processes

Purchase experience: Strengthen trust through high-quality product information

Features of Chioro®


Import product data without structure defaults and conditions

  • Per connection of PIM, e-commerce, ERP and other systems
  • Per file in formats like CSV, Excel, BMECat etc. or own formats
  • Communication via file upload or automated via API (push/pull)
  • Storage protocols like (S)FTP, S3 and common (cloud) storage systems


Export product data flexibly to systems or as files

  • Via connection to PIM, e-commerce, ERP and other systems
  • As file in formats like CSV, Excel, BMECat etc. or own formats
  • Communication via file upload or automated via API (push/pull)
  • Storage protocols like (S)FTP, S3 and common (cloud) storage systems


Convert product data flexibly into the desired formats

  • Easy assignment of source to target
  • Source alternatives flexibly configurable
  • Import data models from PIM and e-commerce systems


Consolidate, homogenize and enrich product data


  • Automatically match product titles and descriptions
  • Convert and align units
  • Map and standardize values
  • Extract attributes from continuous texts
  • Enrich product information from other sources
  • etc.


Repeatable rules for regular use

  • Highly complex, but easy to use for business users
  • Comprehensive library of frequently used rules
  • Easily extendible through Javascript
  • Create your own extensions directly in the browser or integrate them via GITHub


Connection to other systems

  • All finishing steps in one integrated process
  • Media management via MAM/DAM systems, e.g. Cloudinary
  • Internationalization through translation services, e.g. DeepL
    AI/ML services, e.g. ChatGPT


Intuitive user interface for the simplest operation

  • Simple user guidance, all core functions at a glance
  • Model transformation processes via drag & drop
  • Responsive interface for laptop, tablet and smartphone
Beispiel: Systemarchitektur bei HENKA Werkzeuge + Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Example: System architecture for HENKA Werkzeuge + Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Learn more about Chioro® (Product Data Consolidation) in our whitepaper

If you want to sustainably improve the quality of your product data and automate your data management, then you will receive interesting suggestions and tips here.

Get to know our tool for automated product data management!

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Your entry into data quality automation with Chioro

We support you with the integration into your system landscape and ensure that your product data team can quickly start working productively with Chioro.

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