The fastest way to Composable Commerce

Start your shop development now with the eCube Precomposer for MACH architectures.

The Precomposer is a ready-to-use setup package that can be installed quickly and contains the most important functions for getting started with Composable Commerce. With the Precomposer you can shorten your project start by several weeks.

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The advantages of the Precomposer

  • Reducing time-to-market by weeks

  • Complete architecture and infrastructure in one setup package

  • 100 percent composability based on MACH principles

  • SEO-optimized front end and best practices for common shop processes

  • Integration of commercetools, Storyblok and other services

  • No dependencies on manufacturers and service providers like eCube

  • E-commerce hub bundles communication between integrated services

  • Avoidance of technical debt increases productivity during subsequent further development

Composable commerce as a success factor

Modern e-commerce relies on technological concepts that allow online business to be adapted to new requirements at any time and innovative technologies to be integrated quickly and flexibly. Flexible software architectures based on the MACH principles for Composable Commerce are in demand: Microservice based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless.

Composable commerce as a challenge

Composable commerce means rethinking e-commerce technology – away from monolithic complete solutions to composable, open and future-proof best-fit architectures. Especially when getting started, this can be a challenge because it takes time and resources to build expertise and select and orchestrate the appropriate components.

What are the challenges of migrating to composable commerce?

The best connection for Composable Commerce

The combination of commercetools and Storyblok provides companies with a powerful solution that enables them to build innovative e-commerce architectures. With the flexibility and scalability of commercetools, they can customize and expand their e-commerce platform, while Storyblok gives them control over their content and creates a consistent brand experience.

Together, commercetools and Storyblok provide the tools and expertise to meet the challenges of modern e-commerce. We stand by you as strong partners to realize your visions and make your e-commerce business successful. Discover the optimal combination of functionality, performance and integration with commercetools and Storyblok – your solution for the e-commerce of the future.

Principles of the Precomposer


Flexible software architecture – and infrastructure based on MACH principles for Composable Commerce: Microservice-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless.


The Precomposer includes suggestions for best-fit tools and best e-commerce practices, but additional components can be swapped out and added at any time.


Unlike monolithic e-commerce systems of previous generations, Precomposer creates the basis for a 100 percent modular, service-oriented software architecture.


With Precomposer, you are not tied to any technology, platform or manufacturer. Unlike monolithic complete systems, vendor lock-in is avoided.


The services and tooling integrated into Precomposer can be easily and flexibly adapted, exchanged and extended according to individual needs.


Precomposer lays the foundation for a cloud-native SaaS architecture that can be installed and operated in common Kubernetes cloud environments.

Our philosophy

We have made suggestions on key decisions of a composable commerce project for technologies, services and processes and implemented them in a way that they are easily interchangeable and can be adapted to individual needs.

Philosophie Composable Commerce

The technology


Kubernetes, GitHub Actions


Storefront (react/next.js), frontend backend “E-Commerce Hub” (node.js/nest.js), pricing service as reference implementation (Java Spring Boot)


GitOps, ArgoCD/Kubernetes, QA tooling (static code analysis, vulnerability scanner, etc. )


Logging (Graylog), Monitoring (Grafana, Influx, Telegraf)

The documentation

Want to try it out for yourself and see the benefits of the setup package? No problem! This way to the full documentation.

In less than 5 minutes to the functional

eCube’s Precomposer is a set-up package that allows you to automate complex infrastructure, operations and development processes that normally have to be implemented manually at the start of a project in a very simple and highly efficient way.

The prototype of your online store installs almost by itself, so you can start productive customization and extension after a few minutes – the perfect starting point for your development team.


What is eCube’s Precomposer?

The Precomposer is a ready-to-use setup package for quickly and efficiently setting up an online store based on commercetools and Storyblok. It can be installed in just a few clicks and already contains the most important functions, infrastructure and operating processes for getting started with Composable Commerce.

Who is the Precomposer for?

The Precomposer is a simple and highly efficient solution for companies that want to build an online store based on commercetools or migrate their e-commerce to a Composable Commerce architecture based on commercetools.

What problems does the Precomposer solve from a business perspective?

The Precomposer speeds up the launch of an online store based on commercetools and Storyblok by months by saving valuable time for research, selection and implementation of components, headless architecture and infrastructure using a predefined setup.

Because Precomposer is based on proven technologies and years of practical experience in modern e-commerce, it helps e-commerce managers to make important technology decisions quickly and to secure them professionally.

What problems does the Precomposer solve from a development perspective?

The Precomposer provides the development team with a complete store setup that can be installed at the push of a button. The development effort required to build the architecture and infrastructure, amounting to several dozen person-days, is reduced to a matter of minutes.

The e-commerce hub at the core of Precomposer orchestrates services and reduces complexity by requiring fewer interfaces, fewer dependencies, and fewer data formats to manage. This is complemented by pre-installed centralized logging, monitoring and centralized security mechanisms.

What does the Precomposer contain?

The Precomposer provides the architecture, infrastructure and operating and development processes necessary to lay the technical foundation for a fully functional online shop in just a few minutes. This includes a shop frontend, CMS (Storyblok), shop functions (commercetools), pricing, logging and monitoring.

What distinguishes Precomposer from other accelerator solutions?

The Precomposer’s architecture is composable and corresponds to the MACH principles (microservices-oriented, API-first, cloud-native SaaS and headless), i.e. in particular all pre-installed components can be flexibly replaced by alternative services that can be connected via API.

How much does the Precomposer cost?

The Precomposer is free of charge for eCube customers. Costs are incurred for adaptations to individual requirements, e.g. corporate design, integration in existing systems, etc. In order to be able to use the pre-installed Storyblok and commercetools services permanently, they must be licensed from the providers for a fee.

Why should I switch to Composable Commerce?

The answer is a bit more complex. Just click the button below:

Why Composable Commerce?

Can I just have a look at the Precomposer (without an appointment)?

Sure, we have a demo video!

Watch the video

Can I test the Precomposer myself?

Yes – Precomposer is very easy to install and test in your own Kubernetes cluster. A simple setup tool guides you step-by-step through the deployment process.

How long does it take to set up a store using Precomposer?

What otherwise takes many dozens of man-days to research, select and implement components, headless architecture and infrastructure when launching an online store, can be done in minutes with Precomposer. This is followed by further steps for customization and integration, the time required for which depends on the individual requirements. This provides a quick introduction to Composable Commerce.

What are the technical requirements for the Precomposer?

Testing and running the precomposer requires a running Kubernetes cluster (Context-Config), API tokens (accounts) for commercetools and Storyblok, and a Personal Access Token for GitHub.

Am I tied to eCube when operating the Precomposer?

No – Precomposer is an open solution that is installed as a fork of the GitHub repositories. Adaptations to individual requirements are implemented by eCube as needed.

Is the Precomposer tied to a technology or platform?

No – Precomposer is completely technology and platform independent. Only GitHub and Kubernetes as cluster technology are required for installation and operation. Getting started with Composable Commerce couldn’t be easier.

Can I replace the services and functions in Precomposer with my own/different ones?

Yes – the Precomposer is 100% composable and complies with MACH principles. Pre-installed components that are connected via API to an integrated aggregator service can be replaced very easily via API by own or purchased services. All the decisions that are in the Precomposer are intended as suggestions and can be very easily adapted to individual needs.

Is the Precomposer multi-client capable?

Yes – Multi-tenancy is always available through individual configurability of services using traditional environment variables.

Is the shop frontend of the Precomposer SEO-optimised?

Yes – The shop frontend in Precomposer is technically optimised for Google’s “Search signals for page experience”.

Can I just have a look?

Of course! Here you can easily book a demo appointment and we will show you how it looks like.

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