How the precomposer simplifies and accelerates the construction of a MACH architecture

Setting up a fully functional software stack for an online store in just a few minutes – no problem with the accelerator solution “Precomposer” from eCube. A must for developers who want to avoid weeks of research and preparation when getting started with composable commerce.

The Precomposer by eCube

Is a ready-to-use setup package for quickly and efficiently building an online shop based on commercetools and Storyblok, which can be installed with just a few clicks and already contains the most important functions, infrastructure and operating processes for getting started with Composable Commerce.​ The fastest way to the new shop!

What are the advantages of the Precomposer accelerator solution?

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Turbo for the entry into Composable Commerce

The precomposer contains the complete technology stack – architecture and infrastructure – to get started with composable commerce. What otherwise takes weeks or months for research, decision-making and development can be implemented in just a few minutes with the precomposer.

Flexible MACH architecture
without vendor lock-in

The precomposer is based on 20 years of e-commerce experience and combines the latest developments in the field of MACH technologies as the basis for future-proof composable commerce. The precomposer is 100% open to technology, i.e. not tied to eCube or to specific providers.

The advantages speak for themselves

The advantages from a
development perspective

  • The Precomposer provides the development team with a complete store setup that can be installed at the push of a button. The development effort required to build the architecture and infrastructure, amounting to several dozen person-days, is reduced to a matter of minutes..
  • The e-commerce hub at the core of Precomposer orchestrates services and reduces complexity by requiring fewer interfaces, fewer dependencies, and fewer data formats to manage. There is also central logging, monitoring and centralized security mechanisms.

The benefits from a
business perspective

  • The Precomposer speeds up the launch of an online shop based on commercetools and Storyblok by months by saving valuable time for research, selection and implementation of components, headless architecture and infrastructure using a predefined setup.
  • Because the Precomposer is based on proven technologies and years of practical experience in modern e-commerce, it helps e-commerce managers to make important technology decisions quickly and to secure them professionally.

Advantages of the Precomposer

The Precomposer was developed by experts who have been implementing complex store systems for companies for many years and who know the typical challenges involved in migrating to composable commerce – this is why the Precomposer leads particularly easily and extremely quickly to a fully functional software stack for the future online store.

100 % MACH & customizability

Precomposer’s architecture is composable and complies with MACH principles (microservices-oriented, API-first, cloud-native SaaS and headless), meaning all pre-installed components can be flexibly replaced with alternative services that can be connected via API.

20 years of e‑commerce experience

The Precomposer contains a store architecture proposal based on many years of e‑commerce experience, providing you with the most important features to get started with composable commerce. There is no need for time-consuming research and testing of best-of-breed solutions.

This is how easy it is to install Precomposer in your development environment

Interested in eCube’s Precomposer?

With eCube’s Precomposer, you can speed up the relaunch of your Composable Commerce store by weeks and get started much faster and with considerably less effort.