How to migrate quickly and securely to a MACH architecture

It’s time for a change if your monolithic legacy system no longer meets the requirements of modern e-commerce. Learn here how to successfully master replatforming to a flexibly orchestratable online store.

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A complete technology stack in just a few minutes

With the Precomposer, you can accelerate the relaunch of your MACH architecture store by at least 21 weeks and thus start much faster and with considerably less effort. This is how the installation works in your development environment:

It can happen that quickly!

This completes the setup of the tech stack for your online store. After cloning the repositories, you can directly start customizing and developing.

You can find more information about the installation in our documentation.

Why companies migrate to a MACH architecture?

There are many reasons for replatforming in e-commerce. With Composable Commerce, companies kill several birds with one stone:

React faster

Companies have recognized the strategic need to react at any time to disruptive crises, new technology trends and other changes in the market and to flexibly adapt their e-commerce to new challenges. Monolithic legacy systems are reaching their limits here.

Discard legacy issues

In many cases, companies planning to replace their legacy system want to pay off technical debt that has accumulated over the years as a result of countless modifications and enhancements – this is especially true if the debt ties up valuable resources and hinders innovation.

Use best-fit

Migrating to MACH architectures empowers companies to break free from dependencies on one technology provider (vendor lock-in) and combine the best solutions for their e-commerce at any given time according to the best-fit principle.

Big Bang or migrate step by step?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The right approach to replatforming can only be found on the basis of a sound analysis of the existing technology landscape and the individual business goals. In any case, a technological realignment is carried out according to agile principles and step by step. It is also geared to the greatest possible value contribution to the company’s success.

The goal of migration to Composable Commerce is not just to replace the existing system, but to create the technological basis for flexible and sustainable growth. This is where the MACH principles play a crucial role.

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Using tools to get started with composable commerce

Putting together the complete architecture and infrastructure for a new, MACH-based store takes time and effort. Weeks or even months pass before the prototype is ready, especially since many companies are entering new territory with Composable Commerce and do not have the necessary know-how. Accelerator solutions help to significantly reduce effort and complexity.

How to get a quick start in Composable Commerce

The accelerator solution “Precomposer” from eCube enables development teams to set up a fully functional software stack for an online store in just a few minutes. The Accelerator contains both the architecture with a selection of powerful store components and the complete infrastructure, which can be automatically installed in the cloud environment with just a few clicks.

The benefits of the Precomposer:

  • The key decisions for the composable commerce architecture have already been made by eCube experts

  • The infrastructure for CI/CD runs at the push of a button, so that productive development can begin immediately

  • You have all the important basic functions in your store frontend

  • You are completely independent of a framework

  • Based on 20 years of e-commerce experience, we help you to avoid wrong decisions and thus technical debts in the future

The power of habit and fear of the effort and risks involved in conversions keep many decision-makers from technologically realigning their e-commerce.

This is often the case even when a fresh start would be significantly more economical in the medium term. It is often overlooked that operating a complex legacy system not only costs a lot of money and nerves in the long run, but – and this is particularly critical – also delays or even prevents necessary innovations because the system is too inflexible.

The real uncertainties and risks therefore do not lie in new construction or reconstruction, but rather in holding on to the existing for too long.

Flexibly adapt and expand shop architecture

The Precomposer contains a proposal for the store architecture, with which you have the most important functions for the start in Composable Commerce. Each component can be replaced by a separate service if required.

Precomposer Composable commerce Visual

With the integrated E-Commerce Hub, you orchestrate all the components for Composable Commerce, such as commercetools and Storyblok, which are pre-installed in Precomposer. The E-Commerce Hub provides you with a consistent API that you can use to connect components and systems such as ERP, PIM and CRM.

Logging, monitoring and complete CI/CD pipeline

In addition to important store functions, Precomposer also offers functions for logging and monitoring, which you can also replace with your own services. Grafana monitoring is integrated in such a way that operational data such as running processes can be monitored in real time, and at the same time all log data can be viewed in the pre-installed logging tool Graylog.

With Precomposer-GitHub-Actions and the installed tool Argo CD you have a complete CI/CD pipeline – changes to the source code are automatically installed on the server without manual intervention and are immediately visible there.

Search engine optimized frontend included

The installed frontend has a sample layout and sample content that you can easily customize later using Storyblok’s headless CMS. The frontend was developed according to Baymard criteria, is responsive, SEO optimized (Lighthouse Score consistently > 90%) and has the most important store functions like faceted search, shopping cart, check-out and many more already integrated. For a complete list, feel free to check out our documentation.

Sounds exciting?

With our Precomposer you can speed up the relaunch of your Composable Commerce store by weeks. So you can migrate quickly and safely to your MACH architecture with significantly less effort.

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