Consulting, software solutions and manpower – so that the systems run properly

We want to enable you to set up your commerce projects strategically right from the start and implement them efficiently. Whether it’s developing e-commerce ecosystems, setting up structures and processes in your company, or providing short- to medium-term expertise for your project requirements.

20+ years

of experience

40+ experts

for frontend and backend

100+ services, frameworks and programming languages

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Professional services

Depending on the requirements profile, we put together dedicated teams of experts and make them available to you. Whether for areas that are only gradually being built up, when a rapid response team is needed, when there are peaks in demand or when there is a short to medium-term need for an outsourced team for special tasks. In this way, you can temporarily close existing competence and knowledge gaps and flexibly expand your capacities.

Specialists according to your requirements

Every task needs the right experts in the team. We ensure that the competencies of your team are optimally suited to the requirements of your projects, both professionally and technologically. Our many years of experience in project planning and implementation with the right teams of experts make a decisive contribution to the success of your projects.

Quick in action

Focused projects require an efficient, pragmatic team that can work on a targeted solution largely uninfluenced by organizational or even political issues. For your projects, we can quickly assemble exactly the teams of experts you need.

Flexible planning of special know-how

At some points in an organisation or a project, roles are needed that cannot yet be filled internally due to transitions or innovations. Whether Agile Coach, Business Analyst, Product Owner, Software Architect or other specialists – we provide you with flexible know-how and manpower for special challenges.


Our consulting in the overall field of digital commerce aims to provide you with the best know-how for your business model right from the start. Our highly experienced IT and project professionals examine the time, scope and budget of your project and enable you to select the right strategies. We support you in all decision-making processes and empower you to achieve the objectives that matter for your projects.

Technology Consulting

The right choice of technological environment for your commerce projects and the appropriate platform strategy are your key success and efficiency drivers. We support you in the development of your custom-fit strategy and provide you with know-how that makes the difference. Take advantage of our experience from numerous successfully implemented projects.

E-commerce strategy

Only an e-commerce strategy that is adapted to your company, to your customer and competitive environment will be successful in the long run. Our strategists work with you to develop a clear vision, a well thought-out strategy and concrete goals. In sparring, we examine your business model, its unique selling points, the success factors and the internal organisation of your company in order to help you advance the digital development of your business.

Know-how transfer and workshops

The truth is – we can’t know everything. Our workshops on the crucial topics in digital commerce not only close knowledge gaps, but can also put you on the right track. Whether it’s topics such as agile processes in project management, the right choice of service provider/tool, or very pointedly selected specialist areas that provide you with the necessary knowledge edge for your business.

Good e-commerce consulting starts at eye level

What counts is your situation, your task and what needs to be achieved.

Günter Heiß Founder

Einer der drei Geschäftsführer von eCube: Günter Heiss

“Our approach to consulting, implementation and know-how transfer is pragmatic. We want to get our customers into action. Knowledge is supposed to be shared and put into practice.”

Einer der drei Geschäftsführer von eCube: Günter Heiss

Software solutions

No matter if it’s front-end or back-end for your commerce system – we are at your disposal for the technical realization. Our development professionals are well-versed and can support you at any time, even with complex tasks. As an implementation partner with over 20 years of experience, we master the entire range of modern technologies and tools.


When it comes to the implementation of your planned commerce projects, we are your partner for execution and implementation. We implement our own solutions as well as those of our technology partners Commercetools, Emporix, Contentful, Cloudinary and more. Our highly skilled experts and development professionals will help you to fully exploit the functional range of your commerce solutions, or extend them according to your requirements.

Individual software

Your offer does not meet the standard? Do your objectives require a different approach? We develop company-specific functionalities, individualised middleware, customised services or our own software components for your IT or e-commerce strategy. We support you in all the necessary steps – from the conception of your individual software to the development and implementation as well as the continuous further development.

Software provider switch / Replatforming

In most cases, it is functional or technical limitations, a lack of scalability or unfulfillable integration requirements that make a change of provider or platform necessary. As a partner also for complex replatforming, we ensure that your system change is planned, structured and implemented smoothly in terms of growth, future security and sustainability. From preparation, through the actual change, to live operation.

Our tech stack is impressive.

Technologically, we are not only up-to-date; we often also work on the cutting edge of development. We can therefore distinguish between hypes and sustainable trends. For you, this means that you can rely on a balanced mix of state-of-the-art technology and proven tools when working with us. This ensures your software development at the highest level and at the same time provides innovative solutions.

There is no relevant operating or development environment that we do not know. We focus on expertise in carefully selected technologies. Learn more about eCube’s use of programming languages, web technologies, frameworks, tools, platforms and services.

Benefit from over 20 years of experience

Since our start in 2000, we have not only realized numerous projects and tasks; we have also adopted a highly efficient way of working that makes a real difference. Our colleagues are dedicated and particularly well trained. We see your challenges as ours, think like entrepreneurs and offer you exactly the right team for your success. Our values and principles support us in this.

We are simply closer

Close cooperation with you in a spirit of partnership is the prerequisite for the success of our projects. With your expertise and our know-how, we maximize the potential for your digital business.

We are extremely ambitious

Our expertise and commitment are the basis for the quality of our performance. Our benchmark is excellence, which we achieve according to lean or agile principles. Our motto: Grow as you go.

We feel responsible

We are proud that successful companies trust our experience and expertise. This creates a responsibility that we take very seriously. After all, it’s always about the future of business, employees and partners.

We are eCube

For more than 20 years we have focused on the development of e-commerce solutions.
Our focus is on the implementation of digital enterprise systems at the highest level. It is important to us to support you in particular with our experience and expertise in the development of your sustainable business models as well as the appropriate structures and processes in your company.