What is replatforming?

The term replatforming refers to the transfer of existing software applications and functions from a legacy system to a future-proof cloud platform.

There are many reasons for a replatforming

The reasons for changing systems are many: many companies planning to replace their legacy system want to pay off technical debt that has accumulated over years, especially if it ties up resources and hinders innovation. Others have recognized the strategic need to be able to respond to disruptive crises and changes in the market at any time and to flexibly adapt their e-commerce to new challenges. Last but not least, replatforming should enable companies to break free from dependencies on one technology provider (vendor lock-in) and always combine the best solutions for their e-commerce according to the best-of-breed principle.

What is the significance of replatforming for corporate success?

Migration is not just one project among many. Rather, a system change in e-commerce is a strategic initiative in which the technological course is set for a future-proof business. eCube supports you in this process with expertise, experience and manpower.


Technology: Finding the right shop system

Modular platform architecture instead of a monolithic complete solution: This is how you, as the decision-maker, set the technological course for future-proof e-commerce.

Project: Organising replatforming in an agile way

Successful store relaunch without project horror: As a project manager, this is how you transform your e-commerce efficiently and with added value in mind.

Migration: Implementing the system change technically

Microservices, API-first, cloud-native and headless: This is how you benefit from MACH technologies as a product owner or part of a development team.

When is the right time to replatform?

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